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Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and almost unpredictable. Even professional daytraders are struggling to generate a permanent market outpermance with most cryptocurrencies. One of the few reliable and proven trading models is an analysis based on a charts moving average. Our advisory services will provide clear instructions based on current figures. Therefore investors can rely on our advice and achieve a solid return on on investment long term.

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Once registered, investors will receive a daily email explaining the current market situation. A clear instruction to buy, sell or hold an asset will help subscribers achieving significant market outperformance.


It is likely that investors following the patterns of a moving average analysis will outperform the market they are trading in. Nevertheless we can't assure that a certain return will be achieved.

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Cryptocurrencies are available at exchange partners and brokers all around the world. To make buying cryptocurrencies more profitable, investors should find an exchange or broker with low transaction fees.

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A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. Through constantly changing market demands investors saw opportunities in using cryptos as trading tools. However, many approaches ended in total losses of invested capital.

Our service provides a simplified but highly effective approach to use those opportunities and receive significant returns through market behavior predicitons.

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Our services include an effective and fundamentally based approach to outperform crytocurrency markets. We believe in the power of transparency, efficiency and affordable pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transparency is our biggest value. With this FAQ we tried bringing every relevant aspect on the point. If there are further questions, everyone is warmly welcome to contact us directly with an email through the contact form below.

Cryptocurrencies don't have a direct internal value apart from their technologies. Just like fiat money, cryptos are a form of payment whose value lies in its acceptance. The advantage over money issued by centralized institutions is the transperancy the currency can provide through its technology. This is very often the decentralized approach cryptocurrencies follow. Market volatility is happening due to the fact that the valuation isn't regulated by a central bank or similar institutions and therefore nothing to be scared of.
Trading is a more efficient form of investing when it comes to highly volatile assets. The diversity of cryptocurrency markets makes it impossible to gain market insights that would allow a rationally analyzed bet on one specific currency. In fact, diversification would be the key, if investors would follow a buy-and-hold approach. Yet, the volatility of cryptos make them an attractive trading object and very predictable short term. Investors can use this fact and outperform markets long term with the help of simple mathematic strategies. The moving average analysis is the most simple analysis available, but a proven model that is highly effective long term.
The services of are available to the general public. For only 9,99€ per month investors receive an analysis of the 4 biggest cryptocurrencies every day. This analysis contains a clear prediction based on our algorithms that advices wether to buy, hold or sell an asset. Interested investors can reach us directly through the contact form below and shoot us any kind of question. This form also allows already subscribed investors to reach us directly and help with technical questions.
Few people actually succeed in trading assets. This is due to the fact that the majority of investors don't follow a clear strategy. Investing into cryptocurrencies requires a clear strategy that's based on fundamental aspects. This strategy should be kept as the essence of an investors actions in the market.
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